Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coco Beach

Yes we had a vacation!!! Actually it was the "utang" honeymon. (Because of the demand of going instantly back to work and the big baby ishi surprise and all is history)…here it is… May 5-7 Coco Beach Puerto galera, Oriental Mindoro…
May 5- Our feet rested on Manila hotel as early as about being excited hehehe..45 mins ahead of the pick up time..we decided to hurried off the coffee shop for breakfast.
6:45 balik lobby na kami. Few minutes passed then came 2 tourist bus. We thought guest who would attend a scheduled convention sa hotel, until the hotel staff announced.."Coco Beach?!!"
Fortunately, we did not encounter heavy traffic at ssh, but teka why the detour on Balagtas, di ba we’re heading the Batangas port? Kaya pala, Coco Beach has it’s own port at Tabangao.
To ride in a big banca was another first for me. Waahh..nahilo ako pag akyat pa lang… Guess fear of water will always creep on those who don’t know how to swim like me. The sight, God’s promises and the anticipation of what’s in the end of our sea journey made an enjoyable banca ride. Hehehe si Ruel pala ang di nag-enjoy, I made him nervous pala with me frequently asking if "malakas na ba ang alon?". He thought I was freaking out. Bwahahaha….
From a distance, images of nipa hut on mountain appeared.. Everyone became thrilled!! Yahoo lapit na kami…
11:30 am Coco Beach Express crew reached for our hands to assist us as we rode off the banca, resort staff then lead us to Carabao Restaurant for registration. On our way, we were greated with:
"We welcome you to the Coco Beach place, a very nice place the Coco Beach Place.." As promised, they supplied us with a welcome drink plus a garland made out of shell…hay feeling expat…hehehehe..
After satisfying our complaining stomach, we were led to our room. 90% of the room are nature’s room, made of nipa hut, no aircon, just e-fans with wide windows for ventilation, no tv..on noh? No tv? Looks like we’ll miss PBB for 2 nights, not to mention (ruel, a boxing fanatic in panic mode) the dela joya and mayweather fight.
After a 2 hour nap, we’re in our swimming pieces to try the beach. The white sand is beautiful, clear water but daming algae…they exist abundantly sa hapon kaya pala foreigners are using the pool.
And so we tried the silent pool. You have to take mga 30 steps up to reach the silent pool. Halfway, we noticed the gym equipments, cool, sarap siguro mag exercise with the sea as the view. So nice and silent pool, there’s a jacuzzi, a bar, beds are around if you want to read lang. We stayed up to closing. Just enough time to prepare for dinner.
Best about dinner at Coco Beach is the ambiance. Incandescent lamps around sets the romantic mood and fresh air that your lungs would want to contain forever. Luckily our first night is bound to be enjoyed as a party night because of the GM’s bday celebration. Another pleasant thing about the resort is the good relationship of the management with their employees. The fact that the party is for Coco Beach staff. Am I assessing too soon? Hehehe…Guess the free cocktail drinks they prepared for us is a big deal for me. After a few drinks and sounds..hay tipsy na ako…di na namin natapos yung disco part, sobrang lakas tama na ako…..
Awaken by the endless chirping of birds is such a delightful way to start day 2, may 6. Nature indeed is a lavish expression of God’s love. Time to devour the breakfast buffet….hehehehe!!!
It’s a filipino menu but still we enjoy breakfast kahit na usual…I supposed its more on we don’t have to hurry going to office kaya pleasurable ang breakfast…Much okay to swim in the morning, malayo ang mga algae sa seashore…however late na rin pala ang 8am…may risk na ng sunburn kaya we took pictures na lang.
We spent the whole morning separately. Ruel requested to occupy the bar not to miss the dela joya and mayweather fight while I stayed on the poll area and go over the last few chapters of my book "The Bondage Breaker" Pati list of reference nabasa ko na but di pa start ang main fight. Well if you can’t beat the boxing fan, join him. Pitiful to watch dela joya accept mayweather’s strong punches, but in fairness, guwapo pa rin c golden boy. Bad mood kami when mayweather was declared as the winner…Our frustration was drag to late lunch. Hehehe such an excuse to excesive eating…Before we took a nap, we made an itinerary so we can maximize our remaining day at Coco Beach.
3pm came first on our list is a short leisure walk to locate the different amenities of Coco Beach and of course document our stay with our cam. Were able to track down the hanging bridge, tennis court, encountered villagers working at the Coco Beach Factory, water treatment plant and day care center. We realized, Coco Beach is more on a community, opening their lives/accommodating guest everyday. This explained the service family (yes family) guest can always ask for assistance like housekeeping and etc.
Opps 4 pm time to avail the Buy 1 Free 1 cocktail at the silent pool. Ruel and I loved this place…di kc sya crowded like the 3 big pools near the beach. You can really relaxed like a scottish reading a book and sipping his drink when we arrived. Life is perfect for a few minutes, sipping our tall glasses while on a jacuzzi. But with a low tolerance to alcohol…ngek di ko man lang nakalahati ang drinks ko. Before the bartender left, he advised that we could stay up to 7 pm. Time for dinner! Something to look forward because of the in-house group who’s doing table hopping to serenade the guest. I requested a happy song and they gave a wonderful production number with the song "Build me Up, Buttercup".. We stayed at the seashore for a little while to savour the calm environment of the night…hay uwi na kami tomorrow…but hey we still have a few hours left and we want to make "sulit’ the sea kaya we decided to be early on bed to be early din sa sea tomorrow.
May 7 , 6 am rise and shine….its time for the sea episode! Perfect, we were one of the early guests on the sea. Since pareho kaming hindi marunong lumangoy, super pretend in swimming ng nakaupo hehehe…Enjoy talaga! Sun is just peeping so perfect to enjoy swimming..enough not to shiver of cold sea water…and syempre.. perfect also for picture taking. Feeling ko highlight ni Ruel ang moment na to so I let him and become busy with finding interesting shells I can show Ishi back in Manila..
Our last breakfast was Western Menu..because it’s the last free meal..we over indulged..hehehe The rest of the morning was spent packing, and checking (to the nth time) if we missed anything. We calculated our time, forecasting a 3-4 hrs travel, we decided to have our lunch before we take our banca ride. I requested for the ginataang shrimp but their expected delivery did not arrive, well sinigang tanguige was just fine for a replacement.
Little sad to leave and end our great time in Coco Beach, but as the saying goes "some good things never last", but our excitement to see our little girl surface. I enjoyed the banca ride pauwi. One last look at the endless sea…From Tabangao they provided a van to transfer us back to manila.. More convenient and reduce transpo time that shorten our excitement to embrace and kiss Ishi again. Welcome home!

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