Monday, October 01, 2012


Night of kulitan, simple way to destress from past week and refresh for another week to come. 
Thank You Lord :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daddy's T4V Experience

"God meets our deepest needs by giving us mercy for security and grace for significance". This is daddy's favorite power point after attending the 10 weeks program of Training for Victory. Indeed, through these years I've seen how God has been merciful to daddy (the same mercy that covers my multitude of sin and shortcomings) and how His grace sustained this man. In my heart, I trusted God to come through and make His way into his heart and into his life. By now I know, you’re saying “amen” because He certainly came through. Thank You Lord for being a faithful God that you are, in faith that You who began the good work in daddy will carry it out into completion.
Side kwento, as much as I wanted to peek into his speech, there’s a strong prompting for me to leave it into his own learning. And I realize, God wants to amaze me. Sharing my fave part of his speech:

This T4V journey is the only school that does not limit any individual’s capacity, age, living and even profession for as long as you respond to His call and surrender your life to Him. The seed that has been planted to everyone would stand as a strong foundation in reaching out people and bringing God’s kingdom to the whole world. Completing this course, being equipped and empowered are just continuation of the race. As we go out of our comfort zone – students will invade academe, professionals and businessmen will be engaging corporate world and parents will definitely cultivate obedience and faith to their children.

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Friday, June 08, 2012


Great capture by Daddy! At 7, I am open to the idea that I may have fewer moments like this, fewer hugs, fewer kiss, fewer times that Ishi will need my comfort, approval or my presence :( on her special days. I realized, it’s not really easy letting go of your kids and even this part needs God’s grace…. Psalm 127:4 “Like an arrow in the hands of a warrior are children born of one’s youth.” Warriors prepare their arrows, making sure they are sharp and pointed to hit the target, but even how good the specs of the arrow had become, if the warrior does not aim and release them, it will not accomplish its purpose. Lord, help us train our kids, help us to point them to the target, to You and your purpose, and give us grace to release them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

Every first time experience with hubby is a moment to treasure. This Mothers Day, we were blessed to try Gourmet's Farm: The Dining Room.
Of course first time has small discomforts called “thrill” . We don’t know what to order, where’s the entrance, etc., but I must say these makes my Mothers Day so much fun and memorable. Thank You to Daddy who lavished me with so much love and appreciation, I have a long way to go in being a Mom but because Jesus, I am free to progress as a good mom. Hooray to all the Mommies in the world!!!! Special greetings to my own Mama :)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Love on Biking

Someone's loving biking nowadays....

Our Day out are kids..It was a season of being naughty for Ishi. I almost cancel this day out because of a terrible act she did but remembering God's mercy to me,of how He want us to minister to our kids even in difficult season made me decide to push through with my plan. The plan was to go out of Dasma and try a different momi-baby bonding. Back to being traditional, i envision museum hopping (if there's such a term) + Childrens Playground. On our way to our first stop, ishi was making "kulit" about our itenerary, but my answer was always " Basta, surprise na lang, you'll like it". Metropolitan museum is closed, we headed right to our second destination..Museong Pambata. Thanks to pictures that can send a thousand message of ishi's happiness :)
These are Ishi's highlights. But for me, it was the hug repentance, and promise that she will behave that made this day. My extravagant (highlight of the highlights) is when she say "Mommy Thank You, when i become a mom, I will also bring my daughter to alike trip, your Apo". Thank You so much Lord. I did not deserve this, this just really about how you love Ishi and me!
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Summer Bonding

Im posting this picture as a remembrance of 1 week stay of Denise at our Home. Denise is Ishi's cousin by her Tito Mel and Tita Che. Tita Che was 3 months pregnant on our wedding Jan 2005. Ishi is still at my tummy when we had our first glimpse of our tisay pamangkin at MMMC Nursery on July 2005. You'll agree that its the 4 months gap that made them close and bonded. My prayer for the gurls is that they will continue to be bonded even more than being a cousins, that they will look on one another, bearing each other weakness and supporting one another to fulfill God's purpose in their life.