Sunday, May 06, 2012

Our Day out are kids..It was a season of being naughty for Ishi. I almost cancel this day out because of a terrible act she did but remembering God's mercy to me,of how He want us to minister to our kids even in difficult season made me decide to push through with my plan. The plan was to go out of Dasma and try a different momi-baby bonding. Back to being traditional, i envision museum hopping (if there's such a term) + Childrens Playground. On our way to our first stop, ishi was making "kulit" about our itenerary, but my answer was always " Basta, surprise na lang, you'll like it". Metropolitan museum is closed, we headed right to our second destination..Museong Pambata. Thanks to pictures that can send a thousand message of ishi's happiness :)
These are Ishi's highlights. But for me, it was the hug repentance, and promise that she will behave that made this day. My extravagant (highlight of the highlights) is when she say "Mommy Thank You, when i become a mom, I will also bring my daughter to alike trip, your Apo". Thank You so much Lord. I did not deserve this, this just really about how you love Ishi and me!
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