Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dengue Alert

We thank the Lord for His faithfulness in answering our daily prayer.."protect our girl from harm and sickness.."

Last week we were alerted on Ishi's 2 day persistent fever that does not go down inspite introducing paracetamol and even ibupropen. Sunday am, temperature still at 39.8 we rushed restless ishi to nearby hospital in dasma. Doctor said that shots of medicine given were underdose, reason why fever still persist. Since it is a little bit early to relate it to dengue, we were dispatched at ER after ishi's temp normalize with the right dose of ibupropen and doctor's advice to still look for sign like sickly looking baby, high fever and rashes.

Day 3, 3 intake of ibupropen stabilize ishi's condition. Our girl manage to play when awake but she did spend most of her time sleeping...a big relief for is indeed a viral infection like she had last july.

We woke up tuesday am with ishi baby again...we were surprised...we thought ishi is alright already...

Ruel and I decided to consult with ishi's pedia in paranaque...where this clipped picture happened...

Ishi is perfectly at her old self again...We praise God that even though signs of dengue like rashes appeared after the first cbc, fever totally disappear on the fourth day ruling out Dengue.
God is indeed a faithful God...


D ! V ! N E said...

Hi sis! blogger na rin ako...hehe.
I have an award for you in my blog. =)
take care.
miss yah, sis!

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