Friday, July 22, 2011

Legacy Books

Got a request from Ishi to buy a book as bday gift to one of her classmate. I first thought of “Book Sale” but dismiss the idea to buy a second hand book for a bday gift. And so I headed to expressions. I got a few savings on my allowance that day so I also decided to buy ishi a book too…little that I know, the promptings didn’t die because I will find these books that will be our legacy books (from Max Lucado) for little gurl.
1.God Thinks You’re Wonderful – I like the book for myself hehehe :). It’s a book you can probably carry along and in case you feel bad, discouraged, it only takes a few pages to realize again that God is fond of you, loves you, and cares for you!!! It’s my prayer that ishi will read this and live by these truth!!!
2.Just In case You Ever Wonder – Ah! This is a Daddy-Little Gurl bonding book. It’s a narration of a dad’s warm message of comfort and love for a very special person God sent him to take care of…
In our personal message written in both books, we desire that Ishi will know, love and obey Jesus and how thankful we were for having her as a daughter…Thank You Lord!

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