Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crazy about this Every Nation Tshirt

Bought this shirt on last day of EN2010...super haba ng pila...everybody's mind that time is to have something to remember on what happened at SMX on July 22-24.

Love the cute pictures of different nations. I seldom wear this cause i want to preserve the print as much as possible...(noticed En2010 logo has some cracked na huhuhu). I got this idea to capture it in picture aha so here it is....

Philippines is my nation, Thailand is my inheritance, South Korea is my neighbor (literally), New Zealand, nation i want to visit so soon, India, they often guess that im from this nation (because of my eyebrows) US, was my nation for 5 weeks back in 2009....

The Earth is the Lord's and every people in it :) Go Disciple the Nations!!!!

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