Sunday, February 07, 2010

Inno, Faith Goal Given

Lord, each year you truly amazed us. We give thanks this 2010, you gave us Inno, our first family car. We give all the credit to you. You chose to show faithfulness despite our inconsistent prayer night at the car port. You taught us to seek you earnestly during the last prayer and fasting week and build us in faith that a contrite heart you will not despise, that You our Heavenly Father who does not withdraw His only Son Jesus Christ, how much more being graciuos with all things? Thank you for giving us the desire of our heart.

Lord, Inno is big revelation of a God that You are, the God that hears prayer, the generous God from which all blessings flow. I remember surrending Ruel to you, acknowledging that its between you and Ruel. That i"ll just be an intercessor. when i had that doubt about you being in control, you lift my head up high to you. Thank you. You held daddy's heart in your hands...its a joy to see that he experienced what a Dad you are.

Father, we ask that You continue to mold us to be a good steward of your blessing, may we joyfully share it with our family, friends, and church. We declare that all people who will ride with us will equally received your blessing, will feel your presence, acknowledge Your goodness, and security over your protection.

Lord, we claim that as you give wealth, there's no trouble into it...that Inno will not be a burden to us...but a continuous blessings. It will be your deployed angels who will safe guard us and Inno. By standers will take a second look as Inno passed by..."something is different in this car?!" Yes there is, yes it is, because its from the Lord.

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D ! V ! N E said...

COngrats on your new van. Have a fun and safe ride. God bless.